Making the high standard of our worktops in permanent installations available for temporary, mobile solutions. That is our goal. There should be no concessions during an event. 

Partner in events

The number of events has been increasing for years. Large or small, local or national, events are increasingly important in the way people spend their time and money. Availability of drinks is key at any event, for the visitor as well as the organiser. Well organised drinks distribution starts with reliable and professional event equipment. Franke Beverage Equipment supplies a complete range of material such as foldable and mobile bars as well as multi draft units connected to 10 hectolitre tanks. Using Franke‘s event equipment, there is one less thing for you to worry about. 

Full service

How far may Franke go? Franke Beverage Equipment can act as your event service provider. The expertise enables Franke to advise you when developing an event portfolio or expand your existing event materials. Franke is especially equipped to engineer new and innovative solutions that help you with your event. Prototyping and production of smaller or bigger series, it is all possible. Franke Beverage Equipment has developed an industry standard that is being used internationally. It is even possible to have your event equipment delivered turn key. This goes beyond the production of the stainless steel frames and worktops. It also includes a complete assembly of the mobile bar including the cooler, font and drain. After we deliver the bar to you, it will be ready for use.

Mobile bar


The frame is the basis of the mobile bar. Franke Beverage Equipment stands for quality and durability. You will find this basic thought in the frames too. It will assure years of worry free and intensive use. The width of the standard frames varies from 1000 to 2000mm. It is also possible to have foldable sides.


Franke Beverage Equipment supplies a multitude of various worktops to accommodate your mobile bar. All pressed from a single piece of stainless steel you will be ensured with a hygienic work place at the event. Various options are possible, worktops with or without bowls, with or without drain areas (with or without grids) or ridged. The dimensions of the worktops will of course accommodate the dimensions of your mobile bar. Franke will assist you in choosing the right worktop for your mobile bar.

Worktop options

  • flat 
  • pour area 
  • pour area + small sink 
  • pour area + 2 x small sink 
  • pour area + large sink 
  • pour area + 2 x large sink

Foldable sides
A known innovation of Franke Beverage Equipment are the foldable sides of the mobile bars. Minimising the width during transport and maximising it during use. In use you can add 500mm extra workspace per side.

The mobile bars of Franke Beverage Equipment contribute to a successful event. Besides the various possibilities mentioned above, branding and transport are important too. Branding can be added to all mobile bars and for foldable mobile bars. Special transport trolleys have been developed to reduce the impact of possible transport damage.