Standard worktops

The standard worktop range of Franke Beverage Equipment is put together to be complementary and modular. This means that the various worktops are easy to combine. A drain area together with a bowl? A pour area together with a drain area, all possible combinations. The big variety in dimensions and functions guarantee a perfect solution for every bar.

Extras, like a glass rinser, can always be added to your worktop making it even more complete. 

Triple function: rinse, drain and pour

The Triple function worktops make it possible to rinse, drain and pour from one seamless worktop!

Double function

A Double function worktop can contain the rinse and drain function or the rinse and pour function.

Single function

Worktops with Single function have a rinse, drain or pour function.


Franke Beverage Equipment also has a varied selection of cocktail worktops

High quality stainless steel

All worktops are produced from AISI 304 stainless steel and reinforced underneath. The corners are welded and finished. Every step of the production process is monitored to ensure the high quality that Franke Beverage Equipment stands for.


Extensive program

Over 100 standard worktops divided in 5 different designs. The Profi-, Commode-, Star-, Sun- and Economy-line. Every line has its Triple, Double and Single function variants. There are variations in grid design, width, water recess and height of profile.