Special worktops

 Franke has some very good references like for example the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam with over 400 meters of custom made worktops. The Frits Philips Music Building and Park Theater in Eindhoven have great custom made worktops too. 

Every combination of any shape and any function is possible. Franke has three basic methods of producing these worktops. The first one, modular, uses the advantages of pressed drain areas and standard grids. The classic method offers total freedom in terms of dimensions, shapes and curves. The third recently added method combines the previous methods including a new water recess and a nice and modern satin finish.

Of course Franke will support you in making the right choice for your bar.

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Specials Team

Get in contact with our "Specials Team" for information about tenders, orders, drawings and planning for your special worktops by contacting franke-specials.nl@franke.com.