Worktops - Professional hygiene

All worktops are pressed from a single piece of stainless steel ensuring a seamless work station in which dirt and bacteria have no chance and is easy to clean. The bartender and consumer will appreciate the way our product works and the hygiene that comes along with it. Franke Beverage Equipment contributes to a professional approach in beverage preparation.

Standard worktops

Glass care is an important part of our worktops. The worktops make it easy to rinse, drain and dry glassware, a very important basis for a perfectly poured beer. The rinse, drain and pour aspect comes together in our triple function worktops.

Custom made worktops

Besides our extensive standard worktop portfolio Franke Beverage Equipment also offers custom made worktops. Years of experience in this area makes it possible to produce a worktop in any shape or form for any bar.