The X-Tower is a revolutionary font. Its design and incorporated glass rinser make the X-Tower the ideal draught font. The glass can be refreshed and filled without hassle. As the X-Tower is quality it will be an eye catcher in every bar. It fits the philosophy of Franke Beverage Equipment regarding glass care.

All X-Towers have the glass rinser incorporated and can hold 1 up to 5 and 10 tap handles. Every tap handle can have their own illuminated lens displaying a logo.

Standard with:

- Glass rinser

- Chromed body

- Endcap

- Adapter 5/8“

- Illumination

- Beer line 8,5x11,5mm

- Cool line 3/8“

- Water hose Stainless steel (1/2“)

- Brass threaded pipe 1,5“ with nut

- Holder without lens (excl. Ø 69mm)