Franke Beverage Equipment innovates again with the X-Stream. The patented technology freezes a glass on demand using ambient air, NO CO2! Increase brand visibility and support quality programs by enhancing the experience of ordering a cold beer.

X-Stream leaflet

X-Stream product leaflet

Discover more about the patented technology of the X-Stream glass freezer.

Powerful marketing tool

  • Glass specific ring and cone;
  • Brand specific lighting program (using RGB LED’s);
  • Digital temperature indication;
  • Hands free operation;
  • On demand glass freezing;
  • Drip tray integration (retrofit options);
  • Safety in glass freezing.

High brand visibility at the bar:

  • Brand positioning & communication at the point of sale;
  • Customer focused;
  • Theatre at the bar;
  • Exclusive treatment for customers ordering your draught beer;
  • New experience when ordering draught beer;
  • Additional marketing communication possible.

Support in quality programs:

  • Low glass temperature supports “recommended drinking temperature” claim;
  • No use of CO2 or other harmful gasses;
  • Freezing by ambient air;
  • Ice crystals on the outside of the glass
  • Non interfering with pouring quality of your glassware;
  • Glass specific, protecting your investment.