Automatic flushing module for two water lines

Automatic flushing module for the time-controlled or manual system flushing of two water lines, for wall mounting. Two fitting groups each with lockable water volume control, T-piece for installing an on-site sampling valve, DN 15 solenoid valve, strainer and laminar jet controller 10.0 l/min. With water-tight electronic module and electrical T junction. Waste-water kit with intake funnel, adjustable fill level sensor for overflow protection and DN 50 outlet downwards for on-site siphon. Fitted in the plastic casing (ABS), light-grey colour, left-hand door stop, can be locked using a triangular wrench. Water and electrical connection from above, outside of the housing. Preset flushing, fixed interval time every 24 hours for 3 minutes, automatic flushing processes in succession, maximum water temperature of 70 °C. With the option to integrate into the AQUA 3000 open water management system as well as parametrisation, statistical records and communication via the ECC function controller, 24 V DC.

Housing dimensions 300 x 400 x 170 mm (W x H x D)

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System flushing
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A3OP0004 ++

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