AQUAPAY coin-operated controller

AQUAPAY coin-operated controller for chargeable water delivery for controlling 2 - 31 A3000 open shower fittings. Display for user guide and showing free showers, selectable via key. Shower duration for one token is selectable in steps of one second up to a total of 8 minutes, preset to 3 minutes. Automatic interruption of shower-duration when water is not being withdrawn. Rugged stainless steel housing with security lock for installations in walls.

Model for tokens, 24 V DC.
Dimensions 300 x 300 x 155 mm (W x H x D)

Item number

SAP# 2000101494
Product name AQUA806

Product properties

Overall depth 175.00 mm
Overall height 300.00 mm
Overall width 300.00 mm
Application Shower taps
Protective system IP 22
Power supply connection 24 V DC
Token Coin Token Coin

Additional product information

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