F5L-Mix single-lever in-wall mixer

F5L-Mix single-lever mixer DN 15 as finished installation kit for in-wall installation in basic installation kit, for shower facilities. Connects to hot and cold water. Function block with integrated mixing cartridge and a mechanism for an optional hygiene unit for automatic water hygiene flushing, program-controlled thermal disinfection (additional bypass solenoid valve cartridge necessary) and storage of statistical data. Mixed cartridge with ceramic disc technology and thermostatic protection from scalding, permanently set to 43 °C and with safety switch-off in the event of failure of the cold water supply. All-metal construction, visible parts, high-polished chromium-plated. Holding frame including profile seal, stainless steel cover plate 190 x 245 mm with covered screw fixing, chromium-plated plastic rosette, backflow preventer and strainers. Depth adjustability 25 mm. Version with automatic shower pipe draining.

Item number

SAP# 2030039589
Product name F5LM2006

Product properties

Type of mounting In-wall installation with box
Type of operation Manual operation
Article group F5LM2005 ++
Position of water connection From side
Diameter nominal DN 15
Calculation flow rate cold water 0.15 liter per second
Calculation flow rate hot water 0.15 liter per second
Functional principle Manual
Minimum flow pressure 1.00 bar
Volume flow rate at 3 bar 0.20 liter per second
Inlet size G-3-4-B
Type of mixing With thermostat / mixer
Material casing Stainless steel
Material fitting Brass
Sound insulation No
Surface finish casing Satin finished
Surface finish fitting Chromed
Thermal disinfection Prepared for automatic thermal disinfection
Protective shutdown No
Circulation No
Additional connections No
Connection with pay water dispenser Not possible
Shower pipe draining Yes
Type of shower In-wall fitting

Additional product information

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