F5 smart urinal sensor

F5 smart urinal sensor for overhead installation for central flushing of urinal systems in a room. Control module designed with white plastic housing, for multiple simultaneous user detection and touch-free triggering of flushing programmes for connected F5 smart urinal units via wireless communication. Option to connect up to 20 F5 smart urinal units. The area covered by the sensors is dependent on the ceiling height. Activated, washing area-dependent hygiene flushing 24 hours after last activation and saving of statistical data. Commissioning and flushing programme selection and parametrisation for each smart urinal unit via the necessary app, installed on Bluetooth®-enabled mobile devices from Android 7 or iOS 11.

Connection voltage 110–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Protection class IP20
Area covered 5 x 2.5 m at ceiling height 3 m
Housing dimensions 160 x 35 mm (D x H)

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F5EF3008 ++

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