F5E Urinal flush valve for concealed mounting

F5E Urinal flush valve DN 15 for concealed mounting, opto-electronic control. With round sensor (diameter 55 mm), with integrated control electronics and deactivation of cleaning, high-polished chrome-plated brass, to be screwed in from rear, with anti-twist protection, solenoid valve with screw fixings G 1/2 B, extension cable for solenoid valve length 5 m. Activated water hygiene flushing 24 hours after last activation and saving of statistical data. With option for parameterization and communication via optional, bidirectional remote control. Optional for battery operation with 6 V lithium battery (CR-P2) per fitting or separate power supply via power supply unit 6.75 V/12 V DC or AQUA 3000 open system accessories.

Battery compartment including battery or power supply unit with extension cable must be ordered separately.

Item number

Product name

Product properties

Type of mounting
Concealed mounting
Type of operation
Sensor operation
Power supply connection
6,75 / 12 V DC / A3000 open
Article group
Diameter nominal
DN 15
Functional principle
Electronic self-closing
Minimum flow pressure
1.00 bar
Inlet size
G 1/2 B
Type of flushing fitting
Urinal flush valve
Material fitting
Sound insulation
Protective shutdown
Default automatic hygiene flushing
24h after the last activity
Type of sensor
Opto-electronic sensor
Maximum flow pressure
4.00 bar
Maximum flushing flow
0.70 liter per second
Maximum flush water volume
4.00 liter
Minimum flushing flow
0.30 liter per second
Minimum flush water volume
2.00 liter

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Optional accessories

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