Water Jet Machining

A gentle and at the same time economic process to pre- or final- shape various materials. Water jet machining does not heat up the material and therefore does not change the crystalline structure, having a significant advantage over laser cutting when components will be joined by welding later in the process. 


  • 3D Cutting (5-axis)
  • 3D Drilling (5-axis)
  • Cold water and sand
  • X axis = Lateral For & Aft (3050 mm).
  • Y axis = Lateral Left & Right (3050 mm).
  • Z axis = Vertical Up & Down (800 mm).
  • C axis = Rotation (of Jet Nozzle +/- 360 degrees) about "Z" axis centre line.
  • B axis = Angular Wrist movement (of Jet Nozzle +/- 90 degress) about "Z" axis centre line.
  • A axis = Rotation (of Work-piece +/- 360) about "X" axis.
  • Infinitely variable gumption jerk adjustment 500-3800 bar.
  • Infinitely variable dosage program and pressure control.
  • 3D programming and simulator routine Toplas-3D.
  • 6 CNC axes Sinumerik 840D.
  • data import over DXF, IGES, and Step file.