Forming is one of the basic processes of Franke since 1911 and has been developed to the technical feasible edge. 



  • Deep drawing
  • Inside / Outside Expanding
  • Rolling
  • Bending

The next step in expanding capability

We commissioned our new Inside/Outside Expanding press in January 2012. The technique is quite similar to the one used in the automotive industry and its components suppliers. Our customers in the Gas Turbine as well as in the Aero Industry will profit from its ability to easily produce Flame Tubes, Combustors and similar parts quickly and precisely. Due to the process of expanding the amount of weld seams can be reduced. Therefore we provide faster production with less NDT costs. 




Inside/Outside Expanding press at a glance

The expanding press works with all in all 8 pairs of tools which expand the part during the process from both inner and outer side. To reach very narrow tolerances the part rotates while being formed.

  • Diameter: 220 - 650 mm
  • Forming length: up to 400 mm
  • Press capacity: 320 t
  • CNC controlled