We started our activities in the space market with a co-development project for ESA's Ariane 5 carrier rocket. Our processes are driven by secured function combined with weight optimized design. Projects are realized in close cooperation with leading research institutes. 

Franke Industrie AG started the activities in Space in a Co-Development project with Airbus DS. The goal was to establish the Nozzle Extension connected to the AESTUS Engine Ariane 5 upper stage.

The solution was created on the application of a Cobalt- Based Alloy. Our Know-How in forming (rolling and expanding) combined with TIG welding, non destructive testing and machining made the task to a successful story.

Special Acoustic Absorber in Aluminum where developed in close collaboration with RUAG Space and installed for a long period in the payload fairing Ariane 5. The Special Acoustic Absorbers for the Space program ATLAS 5 have been produced at Franke Industrie AG as single source. Due to a new layout of the payload fairing are no longer in use.

Franke Industrie AG participates in a R&D Project with Airbus DS and Fraunhofer Institute: Special High Heat Resistant components for Space application.