Franke as a Swiss Army supplier

In the early years, in particular during World War II and afterwards, the Aarburg-based company also supplied the Swiss Army. This cooperation had a significant influence on Franke Industrie AG (then still Franke Industrietechnik) regarding processes and material knowledge. Back in the 1950s, combustion chambers for the Venom and Vampire Fighter Jets were being manufactured. An even more important step was the fabrication of the afterburner section (ATAR 09C) for the Mirage fleet of the Swiss Air Force.



In 2004, Franke Industrie AG was converted into an independent stock corporation. Today, the company focuses on the fabrication of Hot Gas Path Parts. These are special components and assemblies used in the aeronautics and space industries as well as in industrial gas turbines. The highly complex components are often exposed to extreme temperatures of up to 1,200ºC. Over the course of the years, countless challenges in the application and optimization of processes were overcome. A high level of technical expertise and quality is not only expected but is set as a prerequisite by well-known customers.

April 2018: Franke Industrie AG acquires Ammatec GmbH
By acquiring Ammatec GmbH, a supplier of complex precision parts for the aero industry, Franke Industrie AG is expanding its strategically important aerospace business segment. Since then the company "Ammatec GmbH" appears under "Franke Industrie GmbH" and is now part of "Franke Industries".