So you always know what's happening – the connected coffee maker

A wifi coffee maker isn't merely a vision of the future anymore. You can now access every Franke coffee machine in your locations online: find out which drinks sell best in which region, and how often your employees clean the machines. And because the system tells you in good time when maintenance is due, you can prevent downtime.

Welcome to the digital age

Wouldn't it be great if you could receive real-time reports for your coffee machines on your smartphone, or could even place orders for wearing parts as a preventive measure, to minimize interruptions? With a Franke coffee machine IoT (Internet of Things) and support from our expert technicians, these services will soon be the state of the art.

Growth through a connected coffee maker

Pelican Rouge, an internationally active catering company, operates more than 210 Franke FoamMaster 850 coffee machines for TOTAL in Belgium. TOTAL monitors all coffee machines centrally. On a dashboard, staff can see which beverages are sold, which payment methods customers use, whether the machines are properly maintained, and whether they are working reliably. The system can also be used to adjust all the beverage prices on the self-service machines centrally.

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Easy cleaning and maintenance

As a food-service professional, you know the quality of your coffee depends largely on your machines being cleaned and maintained correctly. When we develop our coffee machines, we don't just strive to simplify everyday work for you and your staff. Optimizing maintenance work is also one of our top priorities. Individual components can simply be removed from the machine for cleaning or replacement.

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A clear competitive advantage

In the future, not only will our coffee machines offer convenience and efficiency, but will take you a step further by going online. Beverage sales statistics and information on machine cleaning will become your competitive advantage, as they enable you to optimize your beverage range and minimize disruptions, and thus generate higher revenues.

Coffee machine IoT

The technical details at a glance:

  • Customer-specific hardware and Linux-based software
  • Gateway web services for the integration of other data (e.g. reporting systems, ERP systems, etc.)
  • Central administration of sales machine systems (chip terminals, coin machines, NFC identification, etc.)
  • Clear dashboard displaying all the recorded data