Perfect coffee and higher sales with the Franke FoamMaster 850

Thanks to the Franke FoamMaster 850, Family Express, a convenience chain with 60 branches in Valparaiso (Indiana, USA), saw its coffee business do a 180-degree turn. The recipe for success? The range of coffee offered by the FoamMaster 850 makes it possible to sell more cups, generate higher margins and entice new customers into stores.

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The starting position

For some years, Family Express had seen its coffee sales slump – mainly because of changing consumer needs. Customers had long before started to expect hot and cold beverages of café quality, and the shop's basic product range was simply unable to meet these expectations.


New coffee concept

So, Family Express developed a new coffee concept, banking entirely on the FoamMaster 850 from Franke. The aim was to offer a higher quality coffee, which tasted as good as in a specialized café.

Long-term recipe for success: Perfect coffee enjoyment

The Franke FoamMaster 850 not only delivers higher coffee quality, but also simple touch screen operation. The menu navigation guides Family Express customers quickly and intuitively to the most popular coffee and milk creations.

A worthwhile investment

Their investment in the Franke FoamMaster 850 paid off, as customers were happy to pay more for variety and a high quality coffee. Profit margins increased by $ 0.20  per cup. At several hundred thousand cups per year, a very positive sum.

Enjoy success

Gus Olympidis, founder and CEO of Family Express, is impressed by this success, and the FoamMaster 850 premium quality: "I'd do the same again, no hesitation."

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