Coffee & More – the Franke A600 lives up to the slogan

Wonderful coffee quality, a wide array of coffee creations and unprecedented efficiency: this is exactly what the Franke A600 stands for, and therefore fits perfectly into the international Dunkin’ Donuts concept of exceptional flavor experiences.

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Innovation and enjoyment

An innovative and economic solution is vital, especially for smaller stores. Dunkin’ Donuts stands for exceptional flavor experiences, which makes it all the more important to provide consistently high quality coffee. Murtaza Rizvi, a Dunkin’ Donuts Area Manager responsible for seven stores in Baden-Württemberg, has taken on the task of boosting revenue from the coffee creations in his stores. He chose the commercial coffee maker A600 from Franke Coffee Systems.

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Reduce the workload on your staff

Quick service and a fresh coffee offering of the same wonderful flavor every day is what Dunkin’ Donuts customers want. This is the main challenge for small outlets with changing shift staff. For commercial reasons, customers often have to be served by just one person, even at the busiest times of the day, without creating long waiting times. This makes the intuitive operation of the professional coffee machine and quick coffee production very important.

Successful operation

Murtaza Rizvi simply loves the new A600. “This machine works with our one-person staffing scheme even at our new branch, which is busier still.”

It’s not just Franke’s coffee machines that have won over Dunkin’ Donuts – the firm was also delighted with the professional service provided by Franke Coffee Systems. The service hotline provides clients with a direct link at all times and guarantees a rapid response. Dunkin’ Donuts is already making plans to bring in the next Franke coffee machines.


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