Franke’s product novelties

Innovative - flexible - highest in-cup quality

We at Franke put all our competence, energy and joy into the development of new products that help you create that one moment for your customers. Innovative, reliable and precisely tailored to your needs - as always at Franke - are the two new additions to our portfolio: Iced Coffee Module and our small-but-powerful machine Franke A300.

Increase choice and expand opportunities

It’s all about the moment when more choice for customers enhances your business opportunities. Franke’s new Iced Coffee Module expands the range of high in-cup quality beverages for seasonal offerings with deliciously refreshing, freshly brewed iced coffee. Served on its own or combined with milk, milk foam or syrups, your customers will enjoy the full flavor taste of freshly hot brewed coffee, chilled just before being dispensed into the cup. That’s coffee competence at its very best! 

Big impact, small footprint

Space should never get in the way of taste. With the new A300, it’s all about the moment when the professional coffee experience opens up to absolutely everyone. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interactive screen, patented automatic EasyClean system exclusive to Franke and consistent in-cup quality, the A300 is ideal for smaller restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, offices, universities and anywhere else where space limited.