The Franke capsule coffee machine – The new masterpiece in engineering

To be honest, we are rather proud. We have succeeded in packing our entire experience and coffee-making expertise into a little capsule. An innovation that offices and businesses with food service needs have been waiting for for a long time: the capsule system in professional quality.

Now anyone can be a barista


The new capsule coffee machine is a treat – from the handling to the rich taste experience. It boasts a functional, high-end design, requires little space, and offers outstanding value for money. With the K-fee® Professional System, the sky's the limit. Whether it's a simple espresso or cappuccino, Americano or latte macchiato, the professional capsule coffee machine from Franke is a treat for any taste. It also conjures up wonderful teas, from classic Earl Grey to chai latte, and also hot chocolate in all variations.


A strong partnership: K-fee® and Franke

The machines from Franke and the capsules from K-fee® – this is a guarantee for exquisite coffees, teas and chocolate beverages in the finest professional quality. K-fee® is a proven expert in the field of capsule technology. K-fee® Professional System was developed for the professional segment, as a self-contained, patented, multi-beverage solution.

The practical professional capsule

Franke and K-fee® have developed a professional capsule with more content for a more intense taste – even in large beverages. The shape prevents capsule theft in the workplace. The capsules cannot be used in private machines.

Your customized capsule

As a commercial partner of K-fee® Professional System, you will have a tailor-made system solution at your disposal. You can either use an existing K-fee® recipe, or create your own blends and have K-fee® produce them. You can also supply your own roast coffee for K-fee® to process and package into capsules, or you can design your own packaging. Add your company logo to the capsules and packaging and offer your very own, personalized coffee.

Familiar from the very first second

Anyone can operate this capsule coffee machine – without any introduction or manual. You know right away which button you have to push to get the beverage you require. The intelligent display automatically tells you, in eight different languages, when you need to refill the water or empty the capsule container. You can also configure any beverage to your individual wishes, quickly and with no fuss.

A dream come true: Milk foam à la minute

Not all milk foam is the same. The FoamMaster™ masters the art of creating the perfect foam consistency for any beverage. It froths up the milk afresh every time – quickly and gently. All it takes is the push of a button, and in no time at all classic white coffees, new latte specialties or milk foam beverages are ready for customers to enjoy. A push of a button is all it takes to clean the machine as well.

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Coffee enjoyment at the push of a button

The automatic brewing unit makes coffee preparation easy as can be. To select the product simply push a button, and the machine takes care of the rest. After the brewing process, the capsule is ejected so that the brewing unit is not contaminated by used capsules. The spout and brewing chamber are automatically rinsed out regularly, to get rid of any residues from the previous beverage.

No need to clean

The system offers another unbeatable advantage: the coffee machine completely cleans itself. The entire hygiene process takes place in a closed circuit. So neither employees nor foodstuffs come into contact with chemicals.

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Please note, Franke's Capsule line is currently unavailable for purchase in North America.

Create coffee varieties in the finest barista quality

With the new capsule machines, you can create any coffee variety you like, in the finest barista quality. The coffee machines are so easy to use; you can get started right away, without having worked with one before.