The new Franke IndividualMilk Technology

With the new IndividualMilk Technology integrated in our SB1200, you’re offering your customers more than just their choice of milk. You’re giving them a guarantee. Because whichever milk they choose, it is prepared completely separately from other milk in the same machine – purely, from storage through to cup.


Unique coffee experiences with any variety of milk – all kept absolutely separate, right into each cup

The right beverage, the right milk, and the right coffee moment for every customer: Franke IndividualMilk Technology increases the variety of beverages you can offer while letting you tap into the current and growing trends toward lactose-free milk and vegan nutrition. Get on board with this unique innovation, boost your customers’ satisfaction, win their trust – and increase your profits.

Franke Speciality Beverage Station SB1200 with the IndividualMilk Technology

Pure coffee enjoyment with any variety of milk

  • Available on the Franke SB1200 only
  • Free of cross-contamination – each milk choice prepared absolutely separately, from containers, valves and lines, through hot/cold processing units, to spouts.
  • Expanded range of beverages – any choice of milk for every kind of coffee beverage.
  • Perfect temperature profiles – great coffee enjoyment for both hot and cold beverages creations.
  • Individualized milk foam texture and consistency profiles – true, high-quality foam for every beverage with every milk, with Franke FoamMaster™ technology.

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