Iced Coffee Module – fully automatic, chilled in-cup quality


It’s all about the moment when your customers can chill with a refreshing, full-flavored iced coffee.

Take your customers to a cool oasis with a refreshing coffee beverage of their choice. Serve iced coffee that keeps its bold flavor and enticing aroma – without added ice-melt, water, or extra refrigeration.

Enlarge your menu choices

Some like it chilled, too. And when you can strengthen your coffee business by doubling the menu choices from the same professional machine, then it’s your win-win moment.  Let your customers find comfort with a warm beverage, or rescue from the heat with the cool alternative.

Hot and cold – same consistent in-cup quality

Satisfaction with great coffee enjoyment for every temperature range. Our Iced Coffee Module actively chills each freshly brewed beverage choice, and still creates the same rich aroma and taste your loyal customers have come to expect. Preserve the high in-cup quality you have come to rely on, even for chilled beverages with Franke Coffee Technologies’ Iced Coffee Module. 

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