FoamMaster™– Barista-style milk and milk foam in every coffee, every day


It’s all about the moment when your customers feel pampered by the luxurious layer of milk foam served with their favorite coffee indulgence.

Luxury matters – especially the simple, daily moments of pleasure that your customers have come to expect from your coffee service. Treat them to the perfect, silky texture of milk foam the way a barista would make it to please their palates and surpass their expectations.


Engage the senses

Mouthfeel and rich aroma from the perfectly prepared milk foam are crucial to true coffee satisfaction. Our unique and proven FoamMaster™ technology lets you tap into what your customers are craving. Designed to allow the creamy texture of silky foam to subtly blend with the full flavors of the freshly ground beans, Franke Coffee Technologies’ FoamMaster™ creates delicious sensory moments that become unforgettable.

Individualize milk foam profile

Invite your customers along to the next level of enjoyment. Each menu selection and specialty beverage you offer on your coffee machine’s vivid touch-screen display can be configured to prepare a tailored, milk foam consistency profile. That’s why our  FoamMaster™ technology is available on the fully automatic coffee machine your business needs: our A-Line (A300, A400, A600, A800, A1000) and Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200). 

Barista-like milk foam at the touch of a button

With FoamMaster™, serving perfect milk foam, just like a barista would make it, is as easy as the touch of a button, regardless whether your coffee business is served or self-serve. So, whether hot or cold, foamed high or flat, layered, and even decorated with powder, you can ensure the coffee creations you serve will receive glowing, positive reviews. 

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