CleanMaster – fast, reliable, fully automatic cleaning concept


It’s all about the moment when you have more time to engage with customers and those tasks that grow your business.

Customer satisfaction and safety are top priorities. Staying one step ahead to ensure quality and confirm confidence can become time-consuming.

It’s a good thing Franke Coffee Technologies can take care of this for you. Save time while also ensuring top machine hygiene with our CleanMaster cleaning and hygiene concept. It’s easy, convenient, and, most of all, proven for reliable, quality performance since 2015.

And, while CleanMaster is a fully automatic program that reduces your workload at the touch of a button, you are free to work on what matters most.

The choice is up to you:

  • engaging with customers, partners, and staff
  • confirming productivity and performance data with Franke Digital Services and IoT
  • discovering and implementing new beverage and recipe trends together with our experts

Time-saving, reliable, simple

Think of our CleanMaster technology as your reliable business partner for your coffee operations. It knows what to do and goes ahead and does it to the highest standards; it helps shoulder the workload, so you have more time take care of the details that add true value to your business; and it is clear and straightforward, so you always know exactly when the cleaning process has been fulfilled. 

HACCP Certified

CleanMaster technology continues to prove itself to be nothing short of revolutionary, since its development in 2015. Conforming to HACCP, the fully automatic cleaning system is certified for highest hygiene standards and the reliable cleaning of milk and milk foam systems. 

Optimized – from beginning to end

Simply put, our CleanMaster cleaning and hygiene concept takes care of your machine. Confirm the cleaning schedule with the touch of a button on the coffee machine’s display, and the entire cleaning process sequence is performed fully automatically including the precise dosing of Franke CleanMaster cleaning agents. What’s more, the coffee machine switches to energy-saving mode once it has ended.

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