Aromatic coffee – freshly brewed with the Franke drip coffee maker

A successful start to the day begins with a wonderful cup of coffee. Our high-performance drip coffee maker has been developed to meet a large demand for professional quality coffee. Thanks to its durable design in stainless steel, it looks great and is very hard-wearing – whether it's in the breakfast segment, self-service, or company restaurants.

Innovative features for exceptional coffee enjoyment

Freshly brewed, aromatic coffee: with its sophisticated brewing system and innovative features, such as the touch screen, the Franke filter coffee maker delivers perfect drip coffee – from the first cup to the last.

Clever and durable: The touch screen

Our programmable drip coffee maker features a touch screen with practical, intuitive menu navigation. So you can always keep an eye on the brewing process and all the functions. You can store customized programs and call these up quickly. Like the stainless steel coffee machine, the display is also very durable and easy to clean.

Simple handling

No more spilled coffee and stains! The air dispenser is positioned directly underneath the coffee spout with a fixed guide. A drip delay function stops the dispenser or brew basket from being removed too early. The brewing process is sensor-controlled and stops immediately when the brew basket is removed.

Perfect brew programs for better coffee

Optimize the brew programs on your programmable drip coffee maker by setting the precise parameters, such as brewing time, exact water quantity, pre-moistening, and the quantity of water that you want to add directly to the brewed coffee. Simply save your customized programs on an SD card to transfer them to other coffee machines.

Brewing system

The aroma of a brewed coffee depends largely on the right brew. The Franke drip coffee maker moistens the coffee in the brewing basket very evenly. The brewing system can be matched to the amount of coffee inserted, thereby guaranteeing a perfect brewing result. The compact brewing head is easy to clean, thanks to its magnetic holder. The special design helps prevent limescale.

Energy-saving design

An automatic coffee machine is in operation for many hours. You can save a lot of money by optimizing energy consumption. The Franke drip coffee maker is well insulated and features a patented ECO mode, which keeps the brewing water in the tank at the desired temperature.



Please note, Franke's Drip-Coffee-Maker line is currently unavailable for purchase in North America.

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