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Franke Coffee Systems

A perfect cup of coffee can make almost any moment more wonderful. Franke Coffee Systems is a leading provider of solutions for out-of-home coffee preparation. Its product range features fully automatic and traditional coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, and high-volume brewers.

A200 – Wonderfully easy to use

Perfect coffee enjoyment has never been easier! With the Franke A200 and its intuitive touch screen, your customers can make up to 18 coffee and beverage dreams come true with ease. And the best thing about it? You don't even need a manual or any experience working with the Franke A200 to put it into service or clean it – the display will guide you visually through every step.

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A600 – Unbeatable in service and self-service

A crystal clear touch screen with a choice of three user interfaces makes the Franke A600 a wonderful solution for service or self-service. You choose whether you want the display to show enticing coffee creations, offer an intuitive overview for self-service, or guide you through efficient support solutions.

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A800 – A capacity heavyweight

The A800 fully automatic coffee machine is designed to deliver top-quality beverages in high quantities and very quickly. Do you need to brew a perfect espresso, foam some milk, and prepare a hot tea all at the same time? The professional three-boiler system can handle this with ease. The A800 can deftly handle even the very highest levels of demand.

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FoamMaster 850 – Perfect milk foam for everyone

Discover the magic of fully automatic coffee making with the Franke FoamMaster 850. Besides a virtually endless selection of beverage creations, the FoamMaster 850 delivers perfect crema and delicious milk foam. The intuitive, intelligent touch screen display also gives you the chance to place your advertising messages.

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Coffee enjoyment at the push of a button – with Franke capsule coffee machines

Franke is entering the capsule market with the launching of two capsule coffee machines under the brand "K-fee® Professional System". As a result, Franke is offering the complete range of commercial machines from one source. The capsule coffee machines C200 and C250 were developed specifically for commercial use in collaboration with the capsule expert Krüger. They ensure optimum beverage quality and variety at the push of a button.

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Baristas rave about espresso machines with Italian flair

The traditional espresso machines from Franke Coffee Systems will win you over with cutting edge technology and Italian flair. They are really part of the classic authentic barista image. They make it possible for Italian coffee specialties to be created in all their glorious flavor variety and intensity.

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Quick brewer for high demand

Franke's high-performance filter coffee machines were developed especially for professional use in situations where high quantities of coffee are required. The machines can take all kinds of punishment due to their robust stainless steel construction. It is for this very reason that this reliable technology is used everywhere that a large quantity of coffee of the best quality is needed in a short time – for instance on cruise ships and at airports.

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