Atlas Neo Sensor Bec orientable Acier Inoxydable

Hybrid function

Use touch-free or manually with the standard side lever.

5-10 cm motion detection range from the infrared sensor

The Start/Stop -motion sensor reacts instantly to your hand movement within 5-10 cm detection range.

30 sec automatic stop

You can start and stop the water flow as you wish or let it automatically cut off after 30 seconds.

High spout elevation

Designed to maximize sink space when cooking with bigger pots and pans.

Aerator with laminar flow

Enjoy a crystal-clear, splash-free, and whisper-quiet water flow, that leaves the area around your sink dry.

Easy to use and keep clean.

Your touchless tap stays spotless: less cleaning of fingerprints, smudges, and stains. 

3-part system: The tap, control box and battery case

Quick and straightforward system to install, even to your existing sink!

Information produit

Version swivel
Type Mitigeur à commande simple
Cartouche Disque en céramique Ø 35
Diamètre Ø 35 mm
Hauteur totale 297.00 mm
Hauteur sous bec 269.00 mm
Degré de rotation 180 °

Numéros articles

FUN# 115.0625.489

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