Taros Neo Su ištraukiama žarna Nerūdijančio plieno

Smooth and compact stainless steel tap that solves sink position problems 

Swivel and pull-out spout, pull-out spray, low pressure and detachable window-facing models available!

Packed with practical problem-solvers, easy cleaning due to shapely seamless unibody design.

Distinctive long lever for precise control of the flow.

Two smart functions to lower your water usage and electricity costs.

Long lever designed to limit hot water usage. Cold water only when lever is parallel to the tap body. Hot water flow starts only when the lever is turned clock-wise. 

2-step water saving Eco cartridge restricts flow to 70% of max. at the first step, only allowing full flow when the handle is lifted to the second step. 

Aerator with laminar flow and improved anti-lime protection.

You'll love the crystal-clear, splash-free, and whisper-quiet water flow provided by Neoperl laminar aerator technology.

Produkto informacija

Maišytuvo tipas
Aukšto slėgio
Valdymo tipas
Valdymo rankenėlė per vidurį
Rankenėlės pozicija
Side Lever
Diametras (Maišytuvai viduje plautuvės)
Ø 35 mm
Pasisukimo kampas
120 °
nerūdijančio plieno

Produkto numeriai

289,00 €

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