At Franke, environmental protection is considered to be as important as our commercial and social duties. Ecological commitment is an integral and fundamental business responsibility.

Our standards

Throughout the world we respect all legal policies and requirements concerning the environment. In addition, we strive to achieve even higher levels of environmental protection.

Product life cycles

We use raw materials, energy, water and other products as sparingly as possible. From development to disposal, we bear in mind the complete life cycle of our products. We take great care to dispose of waste materials in an environmentally friendly way.

Complete accountability

Each member of the Franke workforce is responsible for the environment within the context of his or her specific tasks. All employees are instructed and trained in safety and environmental protection procedures in our plants.

Open dialogue

A local Environmental Protection Officer is appointed at every Franke location, and a member of the Group Management is in charge of environmental matters and is responsible for the coordination and supervision of various environmental measures.