“Thinking and acting in a sustainable way is simply a must. Ecological, economical, and social aspects shall be considered in whatever we do – from office to production floor.
Sustainability means fairness towards future generations. Everything we do should be made in a way that all of us can face our children with clear conscience.
I trust in all Franke employees to take responsibility and work on sustainable solutions for our customers.”
Michael Pieper, Owner and President/CEO Franke Artemis Group

Detailed information on sustainability at Franke including the Sustainability Report can be found at the corporate website:

Why Corporate Sustainability?

Franke Artemis Group understands and actively manages its responsibilities as well as the opportunities contributing to a sustainable development. Our target is to achieve a harmonious balance between business, environmental and social goals.

Franke Artemis Group considers sustainability to be a social duty as well as a long-term success factor for our company. Not only does sustainability increase our sales and profit potential, it also creates non-monetary values and reduces our company’s business risks.

Our activities are guided by the Sustainability Principles and focus on topics that are relevant to our business and our stakeholders.

Products and services

We strive for providing products and solutions that offer a rewarding experience for our customers. Our product development and innovation are geared towards excellence and efficiency. We have started to better understand and reduce the impact of our products and services along the life-cycle.


Our activities focus on topics that help us reduce the environmental impact of production processes while at the same time reducing costs. We have identified the efficient use of energy, CO2 emissions, consumption of water and waste as most relevant topics.


The business success of Franke is strongly dependent on the daily contribution of its workforce. Franke respects labor and human rights. We have identified training & development and health & safety as priority topics in order to provide safe workplaces and to remain an attractive employer.

Our responsibility

We live up to our wider responsibility and support a number of societal issues that are not directly related to our core business.