Ceramic by Franke

  • The Franke Ceramic (porcelain) Surfaces material is a new product category that Franke suggests for kitchen worktop's applications, sinks, washbasins, floors, bathrooms, furniture, as well as for interior and exterior spaces' cladding.
  • Based on an extremely innovative production technology, the Franke Ceramic Surfaces material is being manufactured from high quality raw materials and it is being formed into porcelain ceramic slabs 300 X 100cm big, resistant and light, with a thickness of just 5.5 mm, flat and easy to handle. The impressive feature of this material is its minimum thickness that renders it appropriate for a wide range of different applications, in which maximum flexibility and untroublesome use are required.
  • Whenever greater surface thickness is required (e.g. kitchen worktops or bathroom furniture), the use of the appropriate substrate is necessary to ensure high bending strength, flatness and excellent corrosion resistance to the final surface. Franke offers two unique solutions: a substrate from aluminum honeycomb or, alternatively, from polystyrene foam.
  • Chemical resistance: The Franke Ceramic Surfaces material is resistant to both organic and inorganic solvents, to disinfectants and detergents. It is extremely easy to clean while it preserves the features of its surface unharmed.
  • Hygiene: It is fully compatible with being used in spaces where food is being prepared, as it is particularly resistant to high temperatures, while it does not absorb odors or liquids. Furthermore, it does not allow the formation of mold, fungus or bacteria.
  • Response to fire: It does not contain any organic materials therefore it resists fire and high temperatures. In case of fire, it does not release any fumes, nor it issues any toxic substances.
  • Wear Resistance: The Franke Ceramic Surfaces material is especially resistant to scratches and deep friction (it has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs 'scale), while it also endures heavy breaking and bending loads.
  • Colour Preservation: It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The colours remain vibrant, even when the surface is exposed to extreme weather conditions.
  • Close-to-zero water absorption: Our material defies frost and adapts to all kinds of weather and atmospheric conditions.