• Resistance to high temperatures (300° C / 572° F)
  • Water repellent, easy to clean surface
  • UV resistant coating (no de-colourizing)
  • Tectonite can be recycled 100%
  • Easy handling and installation due to the light material
Long lasting beauty

Tectonite guarantees long lasting colours, a lengthened life span of the sink due to the strong material and easy handling in every day kitchen use.

Exclusive texture

The exclusive texture of the sink repels water and dirt and keeps the surface tidy and clean.

Resistant to shocks and impacts

Tectonite is a highly resistant material, suited perfectly for daily use in the kitchen. Tests have shown that Tectonite sinks are resistant to impacts of more than 60 N (=6 kg).

Resistant to temperatures of 300°C

Not even a hot oven tray will be able to damage a Tectonite sink due to the material’s high temperature resistance.

Resistant to stains

Even after 24 hours staining agents won’t leave a trace on the sink.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the applied texture which protects against stains, the sink is very easy to clean and hygienic.

UV protection

Thanks to the sophisticated UV protection the sink will never lose its original colour.

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