Hoods made beautifully practical

With sleek design and cutting-edge technology, Franke hoods bring style and sophistication to the art of keeping your kitchen free of unwanted smells. 

Hood and hob in harmony

Start using your hob, and your hood automatically comes on. You can even have an extraction rate that adjusts to the intensity of the hob so cooking smells are eliminated with the greatest efficiency.

Quiet running

Whether it’s sound dampening comfort panels in some of our hoods or the silent kit cushions inside other models, you can be sure of unrivalled noise reduction performance.

Our Downdraft hood

Press a button and your hood pops up from under a glass panel. When not in use, it sinks down leaving no trace except an elegantly smooth surface. 

Decisions, decisions.

Choose from classically smart stainless steel, dramatic black or pristine white glass designs and finishes.

Full of great features

Franke hoods offer either functional push button, electronic or touch control operation. Remote control is an option on some models.

All models offer a variety of speed settings, from 3 up to an 8. Some also include an intense setting, for short, powerful bursts to remove unpleasant odours as quickly as possible.

Efficient in every style

Hoods that switch on and off automatically. Hoods that pop up from your work surface. Wall mounted hoods.  Hoods for islands. In glass, stainless steel and a choice of colors. You’ll find just what you need.