Ascona ASX 651 Stainless Steel

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Product Dimensions

Cabinet Size 600.00 mm
Length Overall 1,000.00 mm
Width Overall 510.00 mm
Length of large bowl 350.00 mm
Width of large bowl 435.00 mm
Depth of large bowl 175.00 mm
Length of small bowl 160.00 mm
Width of small bowl 300.00 mm
Depth of small bowl 120.00 mm
Cutout Length 980.00 mm
Cutout Width 490.00 mm
Cut-Out Template No
Position of Drainer Reversible
Position of small bowl Reversible

Article Numbers

Article Number 101.0277.124


Strainer Bowl
Strainer Bowl Accessories

Strainer Bowl

Length Overall:
177.00 mm 
Width Overall:
317.00 mm 
Chopping Board
Chopping Board Accessories

Chopping Board

Length Overall:
200.00 mm 
Width Overall:
336.00 mm 
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