Why choose Fragranite

Not only is Fragranite one of the world’s hardest textured materials, it’s also one of the most attractive.

Superbly hard-wearing

Sinks made of Fragranite are particularly elegant and bring a natural look into your kitchen. Fragranite has a subtle shine and feels warm to the touch, and the surface is finely textured but not porous, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. Composed of 80% quartz sand and 20% very hard acrylic resin, Franke’s hard-wearing Fragranite gives you a lifetime of beauty.

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Wonderful for active families

Kitchens need to be bacteria free. And thanks to the Sanitized® treatment, Franke is recognized as a pioneer in the development of Granite compounds for sinks. Sanitized® reduces the growth of bacteria on the Fragranite surface by 99%. At the same time, the Fragranite remains resistant to stains and high temperatures up to 280ºC.


How to keep Fragranite looking like new

In most cases simply wiping the surface with washing up liquid and hot water followed by a clean water rinse is all you need do. It is also good practice to then dry the sink with a soft cloth as otherwise limescale can build up on the surface. 

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Kitchens can be a critical location for spreading bacteria and demand special attention to hygiene. On unprotected material, bacteria can multiply every 20 minutes and have a negative effect on hygiene. The integrated Sanitized® hygiene function in Fragranite sinks helps to keep this area clean and provides the sink with lasting protection. It does not replace normal cleaning but helps to keep surfaces free from bacteria. Tests have proven that Fragranite treated with Sanitized® reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%.

Treated material reduces the risk of spreading and transferring bacteria. The possibility of transferring bacteria is higher on untreated material.

All the proof you need

Germ Proof

Fragranite treated with Sanitized® reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%, giving the sink lasting protection. 

Scratch Proof

Knives and forks won’t scratch the surface.

Impact Proof

Fragranite is resistant to impact and thermal shock. 

Stain Proof

The surface colour will not stain or mark and thanks to the silky smooth SilkSheen it is very easy to clean.

Colour Proof

The surface colour will not fade throughout the lifetime of the product. 

Heat Proof

Fragranite surfaces will not be affected by heat up to 280ºC. 

 Fashion Proof

Available in a range of styles and colours to suit your taste. 

Future Proof

As with all Franke sinks, the Fragranite range comes with a 50 year guarantee.

Fragranite Chart

Fragranite/SilkSheen Chart

This chart has been developed by Franke to assist in grading the various materials in terms of their performance characteristics for each category.

It is intended to act as a guide for different requirements: 10 points - the best material tested in this performance category. For example, in our tests Fragranite/SilkSheen scores highly in scratch resistance and hygiene.

Wonderful in many colours

Fill your kitchen with beautiful colour and elegant Fragranite. There’s a Franke Fragranite sink that’s perfect for you.