Box Center BWX 220 54-27 Stainless Steel

Fully accessorised Stainless Steel Workcentre with Slim-Top edge profile. The second bowl serves as storage location for accessories.

With the Box Center, the sink and accessories belong together.

During the day, the elegant accessories are easily accessible for food preparation because they are completely integrated in the main bowl. At night, the accessories can be safely stored in the compartment bowl and will dry entirely overnight.

The new double bowls provide for an optimum kitchen workflow because everything is within reach. They also offer complete cleanliness: the bowls are easy to clean and all removable compartments can simply be taken out and washed ready to use again!

Includes a wire rack to hold the accessories. Accessories included in box: 3 knives, chopping boards (1 wood, 1 plastic sanitized), strainer bowl, draining rack. Pop up waste, flush cover.

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Product Dimensions

Cabinet Size
900.00 mm
Length Overall
860.00 mm
Width Overall
510.00 mm
Length of large bowl
540.00 mm
Width of large bowl
410.00 mm
Depth of large bowl
200.00 mm
Length of small bowl
270.00 mm
Width of small bowl
480.00 mm
Depth of small bowl
200.00 mm
Position of small bowl
Right hand side

Article Numbers

Article Number
Opposite Configuration

Product Specifications

  • Edge profile flushmount
    Edge profile flushmount
  • Edge profile slimtop
    Edge profile slimtop
  • Integrated Overflow
    Integrated Overflow

Additional Product Information

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