Maris Plus FMPL 906 WH B Glass White

When set in re-circulating mode there is no need for a chimney to be positioned above the hood, giving a much more streamlined aesthetic.

If ducting out, the motor can be positioned to duct out from the top or from the rear directly out of an exterior wall.

A+ energy rating - features a high efficiency ‘Brushless’ motor and LED spotlights, meaning 85% less energy consumption than a standard hood.


Product Information

Energy Efficiency Class A+
Hood Type Wall
Capacity Int. 870 m3/h
Capacity Max. 650 m3/h
Capacity Min. 280 m3/h
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Int. 73 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Max. 67 dB(A)
Noiselevel DIN EN 60704-3 Min. 49 dB(A)
Type of Controls Electronic touch control
Outlet tube diameter Ø 150 mm
Recommended positioning height above hob 450 mm
Charcoal filter Included

Article Numbers

Article Number 110.0338.358

Product Specifications

  • Digital Display
    Digital Display
  • 3 Speed + Intensive
    3 Speed + Intensive
  • Automatic Cut Off Timer
    Automatic Cut Off Timer
  • 24 h Continuous Ventilation
    24 h Continuous Ventilation
  • Filtering Function
    Filtering Function
  • Width 90 cm
    Width 90 cm
  • Charcoal Filter A
    Charcoal Filter A
  • Easy Fit System
    Easy Fit System
  • Filter Saturation Indicator
    Filter Saturation Indicator
  • Perimetric Extraction
    Perimetric Extraction
  • Comfort Light
    Comfort Light
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+
    Energy Efficiency Class A+

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