Franke Vital Capsule System

The world’s most advanced water filter system cleans water more simply, quickly and reliably than ever before. Developed in Switzerland and impeccably designed. For the most wonderful tap water you’ve ever tasted.

The combination of activated carbon and a high-tech membrane ensure supreme water quality and hygiene. Not only does tap water taste better, it is also much healthier. The extremely compact system looks stunning in any kitchen: an iconic design, space-saving and available in various designs and colours.

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Where the magic happens

The best water filter in the world is also the smallest. That’s something of a marvel, given what’s inside. It is the first system ever to combine activated carbon with a high-tech membrane and turns 500 litres of tap water into pure refreshment.


Like a little wonder


Our water filter is not only the smallest in the world, but also the first to combine activated carbon with a bionic membrane. Modelled on nature, developed in Switzerland.

Vital Capsule Filter Tap J-Spout

The Classic. Timeless design combined with the Franke Vital Capsule System. Rotates 360° for maximum freedom and flexibility.

Vital Capsule Single Dispense Filter Tap

The Compact. Minimalist, elegant, fully rotatable: the easiest way to enjoy fresh drinking water every day.

Vital Capsule Filter Tap Semi-Pro

The Convenient. With pull-out spray and 360° rotation for maximum convenience and professional ergonomy.

Available Colours

All models are available in two different colour combinations. Add a chic and stylish touch to your kitchen and choose between Chrome/Gunmetal and Matt Black/SilkSteel PVD.

Vital Capsule Filter Cartridges

Easy to order replacement filter cartridges

When the LED light turns red, this is an indication that the filter has to be changed. You can purchase either a single filter or a box of 3 - each filter will last an average of 4 months. New filter capsules can simply be reordered online via: