Sound Pro Hoods - Pleasing the most difficult ears

Taste and smell are King and Queen of the kitchen, yet at Franke, we know that sound is just as important and that ears are there to be pleased too. The new Sound Pro blower produces surprisingly little noise, so you can enjoy the peace of cooking.


More and more, kitchens are being integrated into other domestic environments as a place for sharing time and family get-togethers.

This trend generates a demand for less noisy hoods that do not interfere with a pleasant home environment.

Fluid Dynamic Optimisation

Franke has carried out in-depth studies on the noise levels and sound frequencies of its blowers, searching for an optimal solution. Following extensive research, it succeeded in developing the latest generation technology, capable of producing a more pleasant sound.

Thanks to an innovative design, the new blower significantly reduces turbulence and vortex of the internal air flow.


Hear it by yourself


Noise Reduction And Sound Quality Optimisation

At maximum power, the new technology limits the noise threshold of the hood up to-4 db*, but it doesn’t stop there. It also optimises the sound produced, reducing the disturbance caused by high frequencies.

*Data varies depending on the model in which the blower is installed.

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