Franke Rollamat

Franke Rollamat

The Franke Rollamat is a handy accessory, which can be used to drain glasses or crockery, but also doubles as a trivet to protect the work surface from hot and heavy cookware straight from the oven, hob or grill. When not in use, this innovative accessory can be rolled up and conveniently stored away.

The Rollamat can be used on any work surface and therefore with any undermount sink, but will specifically fit the drainer on certain inset sinks.


The Franke Rollamat range

Rollamat 30
Compatible Sink: Sinos SNX
Size: 298 x 410mm  
FUN Number: 112.0256.867

Rollamat 38
Compatible Sink: Mythos MTK 
Size: 383 x 344mm 
FUN Number: 112.0050.989

Rollamat 40
Compatible Sinks: Kubus KBV, Mythos MYG & MMX, Planar PPX
Size: 400 x 400mm 
FUN Number: 1120050.988

Rollamat 42
Compatible Sinks: Epos EOV, Midas MTX  
Size:  468 x 420mm
FUN Number: 112.0030.882

Rollamat 44
Compatible Sinks: Centinox CMX, Peak PKX  
Size:  468 x 440mm
FUN Number: 112.0030.882

Compatible Sink: Centinox CEX (square rods)   
Size:  315 x 426mm
FUN Number: 112.0173.411