Pescara Semi-Pro XL Inox

Savor the simplicity combined with big-time performance!

Modern, durable, and practical solid stainless steel tap with integrated shower head

Flexible, strong metal spring hose and magnetic hose docking station

The hose gives you 360° flexibility around the sink and its proximity, and when you're finished intuitively returns to its dock. 

Double jet shower, choose from needle or normal spray

Fit the flow mode to you whether you want to rinse, fill or wash.

Aerator with laminar flow and improved anti-lime protection 

Enjoy crystal clear water stream with less splashing and noise.

High spout

Fill even big pots and rinse fruits and veggies with ease.

Πληροφορίες προϊόντος

Περιστρεφόμενο ρουξούνι 360 °
Διάμετρος Ø 50 mm
Ύψος ρουξουνιού 181.00 mm
Χειριστήριο Πλαϊνό
Συνολικό ύψος 550.00 mm
Μήκος ρουξουνιού 235.00 mm

Αριθμοί προϊόντος

FUN# 115.0472.959
Κωδικός 3153101009

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