Kubus Standard Inox

Let Kubus surprise you with its convenience and capabilities!  

A sophisticated solid stainless steel tap with circular brushed finish

Inclined spout for a balanced, semi-professional design language and benefits, yet compact in size.  

Aesthetically curved to offer you more ease while filling big pots and rinsing fruits.

Aerator with laminar flow and Smart Lime Cleaning -function

Enjoy crystal clear water stream with less splashing and noise.

Clean the silicone knobs of the aerator easily from accumulated limescale and dirt just by rubbing with a finger.

Break free from the sink area with swivel range up of to 360°.

Wide rotation range to cover conveniently all the corners of your sink.

Πληροφορίες προϊόντος

Περιστρεφόμενο ρουξούνι 180 °
Τύπος Αναμεικτική Μπαταρία
Ύψος ρουξουνιού 255.00 mm
Χειριστήριο Πλαϊνό
Συνολικό ύψος 330.00 mm
Μήκος ρουξουνιού 220.00 mm

Αριθμοί προϊόντος

FUN# 115.0529.202
Κωδικός 3156601065

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