Current brochures and catalogues on our products and system solutions.

Coloured taps and sensors

A splash of colour - coloured taps & sensors

The coloured taps range has been designed to provide style, hygiene and water saving benefits. They are fully programmable when used in conjunction with DVS station kits and have the capability to perform hygiene purges, lockouts, set run on times and more. Paired with matching programmable sensors the range provides a full solution. Available in gold, rose gold and black PVD coating to add a touch of quality and style to any washroom.

Sports and leisure washrooms

Sports and leisure washroom solutions

Suitable for all sports, arenas and event venues our stadia package covers everything from sanitaryware and brassware for the public areas, disabled toilet facilities and player dressing rooms, right up to the more luxurious requirements of a public washroom in the corporate conference, VIP and banqueting areas. Many of these products are also suitable for pubs, clubs and other leisure facilities.

Office washrooms product brochure

Office washroom solutions

With a complete range of sanitaryware including urinals and WC’s, washbasins and integrated stylish accessories, our products are suitable for any office. The standard and bespoke products within the commercial washroom range are scale-able to match the size and scope of any project.

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Inform water temperature monitoring

We have designed Inform to not only ensure that water is safe but to encourage efficiency, compliance and management of all building assets to provide reliable data that is recorded with absolute precision. Inform water temperature monitoring is flexible and reliable, providing a low risk solution in order to ensure compliance.

Washroom and sanitaryware products for education washrooms brochure

Education washroom solutions

Designed with the users in mind, the Franke’s education range allows you to create an inviting and easily maintained washroom no matter the age range, type of establishment, number of users or size of washroom.

Prison bathrooms product brochure

High security and prison bathroom solutions

Designing products for high security and custodial environments is of paramount importance. Unlike classic sanitaryware, the Franke and DVS branded range of high-security and ligature resistant products are virtually unbreakable. Discover the full range in the brochure.

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Leisure and holiday park washroom solutions

The leisure solutions range includes stainless steel and Miranit composite washtroughs, stainless steel accessories hand sanitiser dispensers, WCs, water saving taps, shower panels and a range of cleaning equipment in order to provide a full solution for all leisure, campsite and outdoor holiday environments.


Cambrino baby changing tables

The Cambrino baby changing tables are ideal for a range of environments including shopping centres, leisure facilities, restaurants and more. Manufactured from high quality hygienic materials and certified to EN 12221-1 and EN 12221-2 standards, the range has been designed to provide a safe, practical and hygienic solution.

High security washrooms and safe ensuites brochure

High security and safe ensuite solutions

The Franke and Dart Valley branded range of high security and vandal resistant products are suitable for mental health and custodial environments. This comprehensive range of sanitaryware, flush valves and accessories is manufactured in high quality GRP or stainless steel in order to provide solutions in the most challenging environments.


Wonderful Bathroom Solutions

Franke's wonderful bathroom solution brochure showcases the latest products suitable for a variety of hotels, from small boutiques to large established chains. So whether its a small style change or a full refurbishment project, the range of bathroom accessories, quality taps and Miranit composite countertop basins can provide the perfect solution.


Wonderful shower solutions

A new range of F5 shower panels available in either stainless steel or Miranit composite material. Solutions for all environments with a range of options from thermostatic to lever mixers with a variety of features including hygiene flushing and anti-scald protection.


Wonderful hand washing and sanitising solutions

Our latest range of freestanding hand sanitiser and soap dispensers alongside all-in-one wash basins and touch-free taps and soap dispensers.


Wonderful healthcare solutions

Selection of the correct products has been shown to increase handwashing compliance and reduce cross-contamination. With this in mind, Franke Water Systems offer a comprehensive range of HTM & HBN compliant products. Discover the range in our latest brochure.


Energy and water saving washrooms CPD

Our brand new CPD covers the global context for water scarcity and how there is a threat of long term water shortage in parts of the UK. The causes and consequences of long term water shortage will be discussed throughout along with identifying how specifiers can contribute to the reduction of water consumption. The CPD will also identify water and energy-saving products/systems in commercial washrooms. Enquire to find out more!

Bespoke composite washbasins product brochure

Bespoke Varius washbasins

Create your custom design by completing one of the forms within the brochure along with your contact details. The form consists of specifications that you will need to complete in order for us to assess and create your design including; material finish, number of bowls and spacing required, placement and more.

Solid surface multi-purpose basins and scrub up troughs product brochure

VariusMed healthcare basins

Hygienically sensitive areas in hospitals and other medical facilities require extra attention during planning and design. Franke has designed a standard range of VariusMed solid surface basins as well as fully bespoke options which can be designed to fulfil all requirements.

Solid surface baby changing units product brochure

Composite baby change units

Made from Miranit composite material, the clean lines and stylish designs of the Franke solid surface baby change units and baths come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a variety of environments and design tastes. Create your custom baby change unit by completing the form within the brochure along with your contact details.

Taps and stainless steel showers product brochure

Franke taps

In highly frequented washrooms with an ever-changing group of users, it is important to chose taps which reduce the impact of water wastage and vandalism, and ensure efficient hygiene. Discover the range of F5, F3 and traditional taps

Sanitaryware and washrooms for schools and universities

Franke WS Education brochure

Our education portfolio covers nurseries right through to universities and encompasses products suitable for the washroom, student accommodation, commercial catering and cleaning facilities. We also provide a bespoke service for those specialist projects.

Stainless steel washtroughs

Planox washtroughs

The new PLANOX multiple washtroghs: Seamlessly welded, hygienic washtroughs.

Washroom product catalogue

Franke Water Systems main product catalogue

Franke Water Systems is a world-leading provider of intelligent washroom solutions to the public, semi-public and commercial sector. View our latest product catalogue where you can find information on all Franke products.


DRYX500 Hands-in Hand Dryer

The DRYX500 High Speed "Hands-in" hand dryer with a drying time of 7-10 seconds. Complete with HEPA filter and manufactured from antibacterial ABS plastic. Cost effective with optionally warm or cold air and auto shutdown after 25 seconds.


VARIUScare Range

The new line of barrier-free washbasins is designed to be accessible for all, with its shape and functionality, the VARIUScare range provides a complete solution. These washbasins made of resin-bonded mineral material are practically effortless to clean thanks to their pore-free, smooth surface. The VARIUScare single washbasins are available in three sizes, optionally with or without a colour stripe.

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Franke WS Hotel brochure

Our hotel package is suitable for all sizes of hotel establishments, from a small seaside bed and breakfast, right up to a multinational hotel group; and from a budget offering, up to more luxurious requirements of a spa hotel. You’ll get years of use from our products, and we have a standard as well as a bespoke range, to suit any project.

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Franke WS Healthcare brochure

Our healthcare products are suitable for all types of establishments, from Hospitals, GP Practices, Health Clinics and Care Homes. You’ll get years of use from our products and we have a standard as well as a bespoke range, to suit any project.

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Franke WS Transport brochure

With standard and bespoke options available, our transport washroom products provide a complete solution for a range of applications such as: airports, coach or train stations or on a fleet such as airplanes. The Franke range includes: urinals and WC’s, wash basins and integrated stylish accessories

Franke projects around the world brochure

Franke around the world

Discover Franke case studies from around the world...

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The world of Franke Water Systems, 2018

Innovative solutions have been the hallmark of Franke for decades. The futuristic equipment elements from Franke Water Systems enthuse people with their superlative quality, durability and design. The areas of application are vast, and the possibilities are simply endless. This brochure shows you just a small cross section of them.

EXOS composite washbasins product brochure

EXOS. Discover new horizons

With EXOS. Franke is giving new impetus to completely coordinated washbasins and accessories in the washroom.

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Elegant washbasins made of MIRANIT

Flexibility and versatility for modern sanitary facilities

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Not just clean, but sterile – with VARIUSmed products made of MIRANIT for hygienically highly sensitive areas.