FLUSH-S electronic urinal flush valve for in-wall installation

Finished installation kit for FLUSH-S non-touch, opto-electronically controlled urinal flush valve DN 15 with mains connection for installation in walls. With self-closing solenoid valve cartridge, control electronics with sensor, power supply and stainless steel cover plate 120 x 150 mm, 230 V AC.

Item number

Product code 209.0000.004
Product name PRTR0014

Product properties

Type of mounting In-wall installation with box
Type of operation Sensor operation
Protective system IP IP40
Power supply connection 230 V AC
Article group PRTR0013 ++
Diameter nominal DN 15
Calculation flow rate cold water 0.30 liter per second
Functional principle Electronic self-closing
Minimum flow pressure 0.50 bar
Power consumption 2.00000
Inlet size G 1/2 B
Type of flushing fitting Urinal flush valve
Material casing Stainless steel
Surface finish casing Satin finished
Default automatic hygiene flushing 12h after the last activity
Position of power connection From side
Type of sensor Opto-electronic sensor
Maximum flow pressure 8.00 bar

Additional product information

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