Franke awards

Franke Awards

At Franke, we are passionate about successful design, intelligent functionality and outstanding quality when it comes to our products. A range of Franke products has already been awarded sought-after prizes by independent juries.

German Design Award 2020 for RONDAtop!

The new RONDAtop countertop washbasins have been awarded the German Design Award 2020! The German Design Council has selected RONDAtop for this award in the category 'Bath and Wellness' - 'Excellent Product Design'.

The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers who are pioneers in the German and international design landscape.

F5 line with 3 Plus X prizes – awards

The F5 fittings range from Franke has already won the PLUS X AWARD 2019 in four categories: High Quality, Design, Operating Comfort and Functionality. This visually and haptically stunning line of washing and shower fittings was presented with the world's largest prize for innovation by an international expert jury.

It was awarded yet another seal of approval in May. The F5 series was named Best Product of the Year 2019 because this line of products won awards in more categories than any other range.

But even that wasn't enough: As the most successful brand in the fittings category, Franke received the Best Brand of the Year 2019 special prize!

German Design Award 2020 nomination for RONDAtop

The new RONDAtop countertop washbasins have been nominated for the German Design Award 2020! RONDAtop was nominated in the 'Excellent Product Design' class of the competition in the 'Bath and Wellness' category by the German Design Council.

The German Design Award recognises the manufacturers and designers of innovative products and projects that represent pioneering developments in both German and international design.


Repeatedly rewarded for VARIUScare

The VARIUScare washbasin was among the winners of the ZVSHK 'Bathing Comfort for Generations' award that was presented by the German Central Association for Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning (ZVSHK) at the ISH 2019 trade fair. This prize recognises products from the bathing sector that combine stunning aesthetics and accessible functionality.

In June 2019, VARIUScare was also nominated for the German Design Award 2010 in the 'Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care' category. The German Design Council – the German competence center  for design, branding and innovation – selected the accessible washbasin line for the 'Excellent Product Design' class in this category.

Franke Water Systems receives a prize in the BEST DISPLAY category

Franke Water Systems received the BRONZE award in the
Best Display category for their submission – the "Absolute Perfektion" motif.

The "Media" jury, which was made up of 20 prominent representatives and experts from the architecture and communication industries, assessed high-quality printed displays using 17 criteria organised into three categories: 'Look and Feel', 'Content' and 'Performance'.

The criteria being assessed included the jury's first impression of the display, the idea behind it, how successfully it captured their attention, its content alignment and its recognition factor.

Ausgezeichnete Anzeige ansehen

*Held at Heinze GmbH, Celle, Germany.

3 awards for the EXOS. system range.

The first PLUS X AWARD seal of approval was awarded to the EXOS. series in January 2016. A jury of renowned specialist journalists and industry experts awarded the EXOS. line with prizes in the High Quality, Design and Functionality categories. EXOS. impressed the members of the jury awarding the world's biggest innovation prize thanks to its extraordinary design, intelligent and simple operating comfort and the use of high-quality materials and processing.

After receiving this seal of approval, the EXOS. washbasin and accessory line was also awarded the prize for 'Best Product 2016/2017'. EXOS. received this award because the series earned more seals of approval than any other products in the same category.

Its third award followed in 2017 – the EXOS. accessory and washbasin line was presented with the German Design Award in the Bathing and Wellness category by the German Design Council.