Inform water temperature monitoring

Inform water temperature monitoring

Monitoring water temperatures are key to water safety and will help to minimise the growth of waterborne pathogens, reducing the risk of infection such as legionella. Inform is a highly intelligent digital solution that has been designed to monitor, maintain and provide data on assets within an organisation. Shifting to digital operations and management can have huge benefits within a building. 

How it works

 The Inform system utilises Narrowband IoT Low Power Wide Area Technologies (LPWA) which provides increased building penetration and ensures excellent communication in dense urban settings and extremely remote areas. Inform sensors constantly monitor the temperature of a water system, profiling and providing data to the central management system that alerts of any potential risks. The devices are easy to install onto pipework, and the software is intuitive and designed for easy water temperature monitoring.

Traditional water temperature monitoring vs Inform

  Challenges with traditional
water monitring
Benefits of Inform
Number of site visits
Regular site visits Reduced site visits
Data recording Site log book Secure server
Monitors water temperature Yes Yes
Real time temperature monitoring
No Yes
Map & manage complete water system No Yes
One platform to manage all assets No Yes
Upload schematics & asset documents No Yes
Identifies risks in real time  No Yes
Manage statutory monitoring tasks No Yes
Min, mean, max temperature recordings No Yes
Risk based alert system No Yes
Accurate data readings No Yes
Remote access to data No Yes
Lifetime data analysis No Yes
Secure cloud based system No Yes
Reduces on-site disruption No Yes
Cost savings and reduced labour time  No Yes

Inform water temperature monitoring

We have designed Inform to not only ensure that water is safe but to encourage efficiency, compliance and management of all building assets to provide reliable data that is recorded with absolute precision. Inform water temperature monitoring is flexible and reliable, providing a low risk solution in order to ensure compliance.

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