F5 Miranit composite shower panels

NEW F5 shower panels

Wonderful shower solutions

The range of new F5 shower panels offers excellent hygiene, easy cleaning and a comfortable solution for the user. With four optional water controls including self-closing thermostatic (F5S-Therm), lever operated mixers (F5L-Mix), self closing mixers (F5S-Mix) and Electronic with thermostatic mixer (F5E-therm) you can find the perfect solution for your requirements. Available in both stainless steel and Miranit composite material, Franke have designed this range to be a suitable showering solution wherever the environment from gyms to hotels or even campsites. 


A complete solution...

These fully prefabricated shower panels are ideal for refurbishments and new installations alike, as there is no need for costly installation work and structural waterproofing. Flexible connections enable universal use for water connections from the wall or ceiling. Variable housing extensions are available in both materials as accessories to cover surface-mounted installations. Complete the shower by choosing one of Franke's shower heads which can be quickly installed with ease. 


Wonderful shower solutions

Discover the range of F5 shower panels which are now available in either stainless steel or Miranit composite material. With a range of options from thermostatic to lever mixers we have the perfect solution available for a wide variety of environments.