Washroom with hands in hand dryer

DRYX500N Hands in Dryer

This new high speed “hands-in” dryer is designed with a touch free opto-electronically controlled sensor and integrated HEPA filter, the DRYX500N provides peace of mind in environments where hygiene is essential. The antibacterial ABS plastic, separate water tray and drainage hole also ensures optimum hygiene by preventing water spilling on to the wall and floor (protection class IPX4).

High speed hands in hand dryer

The DRYX500N is speedy, robust, and energy efficient with a dry time of just seven seconds. The air speed and velocity is adjustable with an option for warm or cold air. An auto-shutdown function after 25 seconds prevents any misuse. The DRYX500N is also quieter than most hand dryers on the market with a minimum noise level at just 65dB, making it an excellent choice for education washrooms particularly with small children where loud noises can be daunting.

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The elegant DRYX500N high speed “hands-in” dryer is designed to be highly efficient, quiet and hygienic. Water is scraped off the hands and collected in the removable tray, preventing water from running on to the floor or walls. The HEPA filter sanitizes the air flow, whilst the water channel and tray are easily cleaned providing a hygienic, clean hand drying solution.