DRYX500 Hands in Hand Dryer

The new DRYX500 Hands-in Hand Dryer, with adjustable temperature and air speed, fast drying times, low noise level, and drip tray for water collection will be shown alongside traditional washroom accessories. More features include:

High speed drying time between 7-10 seconds
Low running costs and energy efficient*
Practical for smaller washrooms at 670 x 300 x 235mm
HEPA filter killing 99.97% of airborne bacteria
Adjustable temperature & air speed
Robust construction with 2 years warranty for all parts

Hands-in hand dryer leaflet 2016.pdf

DRYX500 Hands-in Hand Dryer

The DRYX500 High Speed "Hands-in" hand dryer with a drying time of 7-10 seconds. Complete with HEPA filter and manufactured from antibacterial ABS plastic. Cost effective with optionally warm or cold air and auto shutdown after 25 seconds.

Hands-in hand dryer leaflet 2016.pdf PDF (865 KB)