Hygienic handwashing

Although hand hygiene has become more normalised in everyday life, the selection of the right products for your business or site is key in encouraging this to continue. There are a variety of solutions to increase hand hygiene in commercial environments. In some areas, it is ideal to fit small handwash basins with either lever or touch-free taps, whilst in others, freestanding hand sanitiser units would offer the perfect solution.  

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Wonderful hand washing and sanitising solutions

Featuring the new free-standing hand sanitisers, along side Franke and DVS all-in-one basins, and touch-free taps and soap dispensers.

Why go electronic...

Touch-free taps and soap dispensers can enhance hygiene and reduce maintenance. As you don't need to touch the units to operate pathogens are not transferred on to the surface of the product making them easier to keep clean and reducing the transfer of these from person to person. 

Stainless steel washtroughs and taps

Fitting troughs to the entrance of buildings such as schools can help to promote proper hygiene. The Planox range is ideal and the addition of underframes can give extra support where walls are not stong enough to support the unit. The DVS branded touch-free taps have a battery pack option so there is no need for wiring to the unit and as there is no need to touch the tap to operate it enhanced hygiene is promoted. For areas where you may not be able to wall mount soap dispensers a free-standing touch-free option is ideal. The Franke soap dispensers are easy to maintain with inspection windows to check the soap level and key lock fronts for easy refilling. 

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Wonderful hand washing and sanitising solutions

View our range of new free-standing hand sanitisers, all-in-one basins, and touch-free taps and soap dispensers .